Across the Lunchroom

-Release Date: December 2014-


In a simpler time, somewhere between elementary and high school, young Johnny invites us inside the past year of his life. His experiences seem to exist in the gaps between fiction and reality. In the beginning, he promises every word to be completely true. We find, as we progress through Across the Lunchroom, that, even if Johnny believes it all, much of his stories are rather far stretched.


I really do promise

When reading these lines

If you allow yourself,

You’ll have a good time…


You’ll have a good time reading J. Fredrick Clark’s account of a young boy’s

remarkable journey through school. Along the way, you will encounter parents who

don’t understand, experience terrifying trips to the principal’s office, and meet

countless entertaining individuals such as: 23 foot tall Marianne, Strange Uncle

Murrdock, and the ubiquitous Jessica, the girl across the lunchroom.


J. Fredrick Clark’s first collection of poems and drawings is at once entertaining and

enlightening. Do yourself a favor; read these lines…


-Erik Zimmer